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We collect thousands of original concepts of any type. So when you send your brief, we already have the concept matching your communication objectives and budget.​


Thousands of original concepts.

Of any type from anywhere.

We built an exclusive network of concept creators (best creative companies & professionals), providing brand concepts from any speciality. 


Matching technology. 

Combining algo with humans. 

We combine the strategic vision and creativity of our strategist planers with the power of our algorithm to find the right creative campaign matching your communication objectives.


Custom fit experts.

Because every brief is unique.

We customize the creative concept to perfectly match your brand/product specifics (assets, values, corporate image etc.) with our creative team and custom fit experts.

Match with their concepts:

Any kind of concept from anywhere

No matter what your brief objectives are, the right concept is already waiting for it on kikar.

There are plenty of possibilities to answer a brief. Whether you know or not what type of concept you need, kikar helps you find the best concept matching your objectives.

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How it works

Send your brief in 3 minutes.

Let kikar find the perfect concept.

Totally secure

100% confidential.  100% secure.

The perfect fit, faster, at the right cost

In a 24/7 multi-channel communication era, a perfect campaign is one which perfectly matches your communication objectives, brand's values and budget. Faster than ever.
Au même endroit

Tous les types de concepts réunis au même endroit. Augmentant la probabilité de trouver celui qui vous convient parfaitement.

Exclusive algorithm

Our algorithm uses rated data, keywords and semantic analysis to find the perfect campaign among thousands of original concepts. ​

Human creativity

A dedicated creative planner interacting with our algo and our creative team to find and custom fit the right concept.


Three minutes to fill the form Ten days concept delivery
with a thirty minutes videoconference presentation

Free trial

Receive concepts for free and
only pay when you pick one.

Data supported choice

Data helps you make a more objective and informed choice in selecting your concept.

Find the right concept.

Free trial


You probably have questions. So we tried to give you answers. If you still have one, feel free to contact us at

It costs 6% of the total estimated campaign budget.

Kikar has built an exclusive network with the best creative companies and professionals from around the world to match your brief with the right concept.  

Event, clip, prank, gaming, webserie, partnership, documentary, social content, TVC, pre-roll, influence, sponsoring, street marketing, guerilla marketing, product placement, …

Kikar will find the best approach for your brief.

If you know exactly what type of operation you want, just say it when you fill the form.

Our algorithm selects the best « white concepts » from our database thanks to ratings and semantic. Then our creative strategist planers custom fit it to deliver a fully personalized concept.

When sending your brief you specify if you want to purchase the concept or the concept and the production of it. In that case we will attach to the project the right concept producer in kikar’s creative companies’ network.

Of course !

You could find a great concept on kikar and still produce it with your usual agency if you like.