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Bring your concepts to life. Whether you are a creative company or a professional, Kikar will match your concept with the right brief.


Any kind of concepts. From anywhere.

Concept creators (creative companies & professionals) send us  any type of  brand concepts, from any speciality, from anywhere ! The more concepts you send, the more chance you have to find a match.


In-house matching technology.

The right brief.

Our algorithm uses rated data, keywords and semantic analysis to match any brief we receive with the perfect concepts posted on Kikar. It maybe yours. 


Custom process. The perfect fit.

To perfectly match the brands’ specifics, your concept is customized (with or without your input, it’s up to you). Maximizing the chance of being selected by the brand.

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How it works

Send your concept in 3mn. Let kikar find the right client.

Any kind of concept from anywhere

No matter what your kind of concept is, a brand will need it.

There is plenty of possibilities to answer a brief for a brand. Your one will be the right one.

Their concepts are on kikar:

Totally secure

100% confidential.  100% secure.

Bring your ideas to life and earn money

For every great creative concepts, there is a client somewhere who's dreaming about it.
Kikar will find it, bringing more creative concepts to life.
Spotlighted concepts

You have plenty of amazing creative concepts sleeping on your Mac. Bring them to life.

Earn money

All your creative concepts have value.
Get paid for it.

Full transparency

You are notified when your concept is matching with a brief and when a brand buy it.

Unleashed creativity

Imagine the best concepts from any type, without creative limitations.

Global business

Kikar globalize and expand your business by finding different client all over the world.

Simplified process

Kikar manages the intellectual property rights and securises clients' payments.

Bring your idea to life.

And get paid for it


You probably have questions. So we tried to give you answers. If you still have one, feel free to contact us at

If you are a freelancer: a minimum of 750 euros or 3% of the total estimated production budget if this amount is higher.
The budget estimate of your concept is carried out by one of our specialized curated producers.

If you are a company: you include the price of the concept in your production budget.

Kikar is made for both creative companies and freelances, creating and/or producing brand communication opportunities.

Companies profiles: film producers, PR agency, podcast producers, influence agency, music festival producers, sport sponsorship agencies, video game producers…

Freelances profiles: copywriters, ADs, motion designers, photographers, musicians, influencers, directors …

Yes. We do accept every concepts and every kind of concepts of brand communication and advertising.

The only ideas we can not accept are the one we already received or the one that are not original enough to be considered an idea (like the usual car commercial on the mountain road…).

In that case you’ll be notified kikar can not accept your concept.

Yes, you are the only one owner of your concept. You just commission kikar to sell it. If you want to remove it from the platform, send us an e-mail at with the concept reference.

To perfectly fit the brand specifics ( identity, values, assets… ), the concept will be slightly custom fitted.

But your idea won’t be distorted as the algorithm already matched it with the brief.

And when your concept matches with a brief, you can choose between two options : 

  • You customize it
  • Kikar’s creative team customizes it

Depending on the client choice the concept will be wether produced by their usual production suppliers or one of kikar’s network  production company.

If you are a creative company, when sending a concept, you specify if you accept to sell the concept without producing it or not.

It’s up to you. When sending a concept you specify if you want to be publicly credited for it or not.

And you can change your mind whenever you want by just sending us an e-mail with the concept reference.

Just send as many concept as possible, as various and creative as possible 🙂

If you are a freelancer selling your concept on kikar, the service is totally free for you.

If you are a creative company producing a concept sold on kikar, the service costs 6% of the budget sold to the client.